South Bend Criminal Defense

Qualified legal representation

From the smallest misdemeanors to the most serious felonies, Attorney Thomas P. Keller offers clients straightforward and efficient representation. Every client receives an honest explanation of the charges and penalties they face and potential options for resolution.

Thomas P. Keller is patient criminal defense attorney in South Bend who is considerate of the stress and confusion criminal charges impose on an individual and his or her family.

Acquiring qualified legal representation for your case is the first step to resolving your legal troubles. With an experienced attorney working on your behalf, you increase the possibility of a beneficial outcome:

  • Dismissed or reduced charges
  • A not guilty verdict
  • Minimized or eliminated prison sentence
  • Alternative sentencing
  • Avoiding damage to your permanent record

Attorney Keller offers creative and results-driven solutions for resolving all types of criminal matters. He can help you confront your charges with a strong strategy for criminal defense in South Bend. When your freedom is on the line, give yourself the best opportunity possible.

Criminal law in South Bend—misdemeanors & felonies

White collar crime

Attorney Keller has experience with all variations of white collar crime, including fraud, embezzlement, credit card crimes or any other similar charges. If you face these types of charges, you need qualified representation.

Drug crimes

Over the years, Attorney Keller has helped many people defend against all sorts of drug trafficking charges. Whether you are charged with possession, intent to distribute, drug manufacturing, or any other drug-related crime, your case deserves a full scale criminal defense in South Bend from a qualified attorney.

Violent Crimes

Even the most basic assault charges can result in hefty penalties including large fines and jail time. If there is a weapon involved, the penalties worsen significantly. If you have been involved in a domestic dispute, or any other type of violence, Attorney Keller can help you defend against all assault charges.

Sex crimes

If you have been wrongly accused of a sex crime such as rape, child molestation, sexual assault, or internet sex crimes, strong representation is essential. Conviction of sex crimes can lead to extremely severe punishments that include lengthy if not life-long jail sentences, on top of other fines, penalties, inconveniences and problems that can easily follow you for the rest of your life.

Sex crimes in Michigan and Indiana are serious issues, and you need proper representation to defend against them. South Bend criminal defense lawyers can help you protect your name and reclaim your life.

Weapons charges

Attorney Keller has experience in defending against possession of concealed weapons, illegal gun possession, unlawful use of a firearm and all other weapons related charges. There are often creative and effective means of defending against these charges, even if it seems your case is hopeless.

Theft and Burglary

From breaking and entering charges to petty theft to grand larceny, Attorney Keller can provide you with an aggressive defense against these types of charges. These crimes carry with them severe penalties, including jail time and fines that can potentially be reduced or eliminated with the right approach to defense.

Post Conviction Relief

Attorney Keller can assist you with minimizing the ramifications of a conviction after you have already paid your fines or served your sentence. The stress and repercussions of a conviction can follow you throughout life but there are laws in place to protect you from unfair treatment or unjust suffering.

Petitions to Revoke Probation

If a motion has been made against you to revoke probation, there are often ways to avoid this revocation. Attorney Keller is experienced in these types of cases and can assist you in fighting to protect your probation.

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